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This Is Your AB Agri Life

Production Method




Paper Stock

Colorplan / Arcoprint





No. Pages


Dimensions (mm)

230 x 280

Print Run


Project Description

“Two people and a telephone. That’s how it all started. Taking the leftover pulp from making sugar and using it to feed hungry cattle a nutritious diet; turning ‘waste’ into food. Nobody thought you could make a real business out of waste – what a crazy idea, like a computer you could put in your pocket or a car that drives itself. 30 years later, our homes can be powered by waste, and the business you nurtured from 1989 now operates in over 65 countries, reaching 5 million farmers worldwide and employing more than 2,000 people.

We’re no longer a sugar beet business, and we’re not just about feed either! You’ve created a community of people, working across the supply chain to make the food we eat safe.” Just a little excerpt from the gift we created for a very well respected gentleman – retiring AB Agri CEO, David Yiend. Cover: G . F Smith Colorplan Forest Green 270gsm + 700gsm Foilco white and green foil. Text: 140gsm Indigo Arcoprint